Back to health…
I apologize for the gap in blogs but I have been sick for nearly two weeks. Today I finally feel better.
Apparently “something” is going around. I have heard of similar symptoms from people near and far.
Every once in a while something passes around that infects the people as it goes. I endured everything from headaches, body aches, stuffy head, cough, sneeze, tightness in the chest and the list goes on. I thank God for his mercy.  In the course of my illness I started to think “If there was just one thing I could take that would cure me instantly!” Wouldn’t that be nice? It would be nice but it doesn’t exist.
What does exist is the cure for a “sin sick” world. When we were in a condition in which we couldn’t even help ourselves. The creator God sent us a redeemer. The “medicine” for eternity. Through him we can be immediately cured of our condition. Through Him we have not just a cure for our condition but also a counteragent for our continued health through this life.