The next American idol is probably already forming…somewhere in your heart. I am not talking about statues and carvings of stone, wood and precious metals. I’m talking about the actions we see each day played out as words or deeds that start as idols in our hearts. A thought process or an Idea based on how we feel in our heart erupts as actions that define our character. Example; did you ever have a friend that seemed like they would do anything to have money? Legal or illegal seemingly but always interested in how do I get that next dollar. Well that began as a simple thought “I need”, “I will”, “I must” have money…What about you? make a thought from your heart concerning your biggest desire.

When it comes to life:
I really want ______________ (We will finish this thought in a moment)

What is an idol? It’s pretty simple:
“Anything or anyone that begins to capture our heart, mind and affections more than God.”

If you read Ezekiel 14:1-8 you can identify some key things about idols. Here are the main points.
Idols are rooted in the heart.
You are the one that put them there.
Idols keep you from seeing and avoiding sin.
Idols come in bunches.
Idols separate us from God.
Now it is not wrong to recognize the need for money. We all need money to eat, pay bills and so on but when the desire to have money captures our heart and we begin to pursue it “religiously” (pun intended) trouble soon begins. (Now finish that thought we started up there with one of the choices below).

Here are 3 things to help you identify idols:
Am I willing to sin to get it?
Am I willing to sin if I think I’m going to lose it?
Do I run to it for refuge instead of to God?
Wow, we just really broadened the spectrum didn’t we? I challenge you to sit down and make a list of the things that are the priority in your life. Maybe it is a wish to get married? Maybe it is a need to have the best marriage ever? Maybe it is a promotion at work? Money? Time? Happiness? Music? Television?

Step two of the challenge is to find out what the bible says about each thing on your list.
There isn’t anything wrong with anything on the list I just mentioned except when it fits one or more of the three things above. If you turn to TV to make you feel better every time you feel sad, or lonely, that is probably an idol in your life.

I recommend all of you read “Gospel Treason” by Brad Bigney and “Killing Sin Habits” by Dr. Stuart Scott.
Much of what I shared today comes from “Gospel Treason” and the book from Dr. Scott will help you break sinful patterns in your life.
As always feel free to comment below. Email me if you like and be sure to check out those books!