We had a great day in church this Sunday. We started with a Sunday school lesson about the reliability of scripture, and how it is the starting point of all things in our lives. Next the 10:30 service message was “How to deal with the Past”. It included points on our guilty past, our forgiven past and our innocent past. We learned how to biblically deal with each of these. The message was by the other Pastor John Knuckles.
Finally we ended with our 6:30 evening service. Typically these sessions are held in one of our teaching rooms. We write on a whiteboard ask and answer questions and exchange insight over the text. Tonight was no different. We covered the topic “God’s Word Guides Us” this was another lesson in the reliability of God’s Word.
Praise the Lord for being able to serve in a place where the people “desire the sincere milk of the word”.

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Whatever happened to…too
by Pastor Albert Cross Jr. | August 23, 2014
This is the second installment of “Whatever happened to”

Whatever happened to men holding doors for women?
Whatever happened to women being pleased that a man held a door for them?
Whatever happened to kids thinking their dad was a superhero?
Whatever happened to…well, Dads?
Whatever happened to family dinner around the table?

Click the comment link below and give me your take on what happened to any or all of these. Of course you are free to ask your own “Whatever happened to…”